Tuesday, 31 March 2015

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However if anyone wants to get involved and help by running this blog please do get in touch!

If you have a scanned DIY punk zine laying around, save it in a good place, and get in touch once PUNKS IS HIPPIES 2.0 becomes a reality.

No point emailing the admin, so email address has been removed from this page.

Alternatively you may wanna like the punksishippies facebook page and see new updates there (same shit as on this page)


living in the 80s said...

hi, thank you very much for all the efforts on this blog, incredible work!

raising hell # 15 ---> dead link!


laurent said...

thank you for your superb site.
I'd love to see that first issue of flipside :

thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

Hi, the links for the Future Now! Zine, Issue 1, 1987, UK, 32 Pages
are all dead. The megaupload one seems to be running but also that one gives a time out after a while.

Appreciate if you can fix this.


Anonymous said...

Hi, the links for the Future Now! Zine, Issue 1, 1987, UK, 32 Pages are all dead; the megaupload one seems to be running but that one gives a timeout after a while.

Appreciate you can fix this.


Rob from Holland

Moechammad Ramadhan said...

Hello,sorry idk your name. I just want to inform you if some zine in Indonesia label are dead or either wrong such as Annihilation issue 5 and also issue 7. And The Bootstraps Zine also can't be used idk why?. And the last Jalur Bebas # 12. By the way thanks for the support by sharing all the zine all over the world. Hope this can be a way for true equality.
One Race.
Human Race.

Best regards

Moechammad Ramadhan Soedarmadji

Slobodan Burgher said...

rayss said...

hey i just posted a zine on my blog
if you wanna put it here its cool. you can use my link too.
thanks for the great blog.

Anonymous said...

sadly the no sanctuary links are dead, surely one of the most influential zines (for me) and written by on of the passionest guy. Pablo rulezzzzz

twigs&apples said...

Hey dudes, My name is sarah from the north west of England. I've been part of a zine collective for the last year, we have 2 zines out so far and we're working (slowly) on the 3rd which should be the end of the year at least! The content of the zine changes each time a new contributor turns up with an article they want to chuck in. Anyway, I was just wondering if you'd like to take a look at issue one and maybe put a link to it on your page.

We're trying to get our arses into gear and sort out a way of selling them online too, but we haven't got round to that bit yet, soon, maybe!

Hope all is good, sarah

Anonymous said...

ah, kunne du lasta opp denne på nytt?

Til folkets beste - tognummer...

...har eit lite prosjekt på gang...

på førehand takk!

Kjelli said...

Til folkets beste

maurix said...

hi, i run a blog called crust or die and a zine.. and i wanna know if you can put mi fanzine in your blog
thanks... Maury

maurix said...

hi i run a run called crust or die and a zine i wanna know if you can post the zine in your blog
thanks... Maury

..crucified freedom.. said...

Drunk Nach Osten #2 - dead link..
here are good ones:

for PDF -

for CD -

btw, I use some of yours issuu links for my blog.. hope you don't mind..


J said...

Distort #15 (Oz) link is dead - a re-up would be appreciated... if sakevi doesnt murder you or something as a result

Anonymous said...

thanks for all the zines, great effort and much appreciated!

dead link: bloody youth #1

Slobodan Burgher said...

Thanks for the comment, Bloody Youth is still available here:

(If you register account at Issues (takes 2 minutes) you will be able to download the Pdf)

nks said...

Hello, very nice stuff in your blog!

I wanted to make a request: Do you happen to have any issues of the "Join Kao" zine? I'm particularly interested about the one that featured the Brainbombs interview.


Akerbeltz said...

Dead link: Phoenix Militia #8

Would love to read this again! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

nice now i just need to learn all the languages!

TomQ said...

Hello, Slobodan -

A basic website has been started to host digital copies of zines:

There's nothing more annoying than following a link to a file hosting website only to find that the file is no longer available for download.

If you want to use the website for reliable access to zines and link to them from the blog, that would be great.


Chris said...

Hello Slobodan is there any chance you could re - up the part 2 media fire link on the Lance Hahn - Anarchopunk interviews scanned..... thanks....Chris

G O D said...

Cool blog! I have rare punk zines and flyers and more at my blog
also music you will find nowhere else at my other blog
feel free to add me to your blogroll,I will be doing the same for you

Kostas said...

In God we don't trust

Anonymous said...

Hey, what's up?? i really loved , the fetu # 7 from japan,from editor takahashi, total thrashcore insanity,
theres any possibility you could upload the other number? im very interesed, i also have # 6 on my hands, thanks .Anyone who have one of this zine send me a message to and maybe we can trade, find it is hard as fuck!!

Tucci said...

Congratulations on the blog, very good. greetings from Brazil. soon send zines that produced in the 90's and more recent. live anarchy!

79deadman said...

Very nice blog!!
Keep Going

Leave you a link that may be interesting


Anonymous said...

hey... this my zine, from indonesia
salahcetax #11
salahcetax #10
salahcetax #9 (english)
salahcetax #8

maddie0147 said...

Hi, Nice post thanks for sharing. Would you please consider adding a link to my website on your page. Please email me back.



Jay Blokhed said...

Nice work!

Early eighties Flipside scans:

Jay Blokhed said...

Nice work!

Early 80s Flipside scans:

Laughin Nose said...

Can anyone re up the Crust War Zines? All of them but 5 are impossible to find because of the Megaupload takedown.

Hippiekleding said...

Great blog, love it, keep up the good work!

María Isabel Cartagena Faytong said...

Hey! Check it out

María Isabel Cartagena Faytong said...

Hi, check it out:

vomito said...

VOMITOPUNKROCK records, with the idea of ​​taking on vinyl, 12 ", these little recordings of the 80s, and what better to start with the k7 of" the struggle continues ".
This k7 originally drawn by NDF in 1985, after a concert put on by NDF, which acted: Anti / Dogmatikss, Defense and L'odi social. NDF was made ​​by Joni Destroy fanzine, which recently brought the book "pagui pujol" tremendous book showing the Barcelona punk 80s.